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I’m Haley!  

I fell under food’s spell at an early age.  Growing up, I watched Jacques Pépin videos like they were children’s shows, dove into my mother’s hand-painted recipe box and cookbook collection like they were treasure troves, and treated ordering at restaurants like matters of life and death.  Sundays were reserved for pancakes and waffles, and every day of the week was an occasion worth celebrating with homemade dessert.  Each birthday was commemorated with cakes that were truly works of art and that left the jaws of every child (and adult) in town agape.  

I believe that food transcends its primary role as ephemeral sustenance and long outlives its life on the plate.  It’s also a powerful mode of cultural transmission, an excellent memory-maker, and a universal way to connect people.  Join me as I find the best food in each city I visit and create food that I can’t wait to eat (and share)!

Let the culinary quests begin!


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